CLOSED24/06/2014 to 31/08/2014

All of South Kesteven​

  • web link survey
  • post
  • telephone
  • face to face
  • magazine publications
  • citizens' panel
  • tenants
  • local businesses
  • benefit claimants
  • council tax payers
  • users of customer service facilities


These consultations were undertaken to help inform the design and content of a new website for the council. Various stakeholders were asked. They included: citizens' panel members, tenants, local businesses, benefit claimants, council tax payers, readers of SK today and skyline, and users of our customer services facilities.

Summary of actions

Stakeholders were asked if they had used our website in the last six months and if they had which area they contacted and why. If they hadn't visited it, we asked them why and also to state what might encourage them to use this means of contact in the future. We also asked our various stakeholders to identify what makes a website easy to use and what they would like to see on the front page of the council's website.


Over 1,500 stakeholders responded.  These included over 400 members of our citizens' panel, 501 users of our customer services facilities, 200 benefit claimants and 198 council tax callers.

You said:

Being able to find information easily, having information that is up to date and making it easy to navigate were the most important things when considering what makes a website easy to use. People want to be able to access generic search functions and contact us easily from the front page of our website. Being able to undertake a transaction from start to finish and track the progress of a request were also identified  by respondents as being important.

We did: 

The opinions and feedback from all of the different stakeholders has been used to shape the re-design of the council's website which will be launched in 2015.