CLOSED17/12/2014 to 11/01/2015

Users of the cycle centre - staff and members of the public

SurveyUsers of the facility only


As part of the multiplex cinema development taking place on St Catherine's Road, Grantham the cycle centre will have to be relocated.  It was therefore thought to be an ideal opportunity to ascertain the requirements of the current users of the facility.

Summary of actions

All 77 registered users of the facility were contacted by email or letter. The survey was publicised in Evolve ( a staff publication) and also via posters that were put up in the cycle centre facility.

Users were asked how often they used the facility, what they use the cycle centre for, and if they used the showering facilities. They were also asked what times they would like the facility to be open and available for use.

41 responses were received - a response rate of 53%.


You said:

You want a like for like replacement of the facility. You would be prepared to see the facility available for a set number of hours, although this would require careful planning to ensure everyone's' needs are met.

We did: 

The results of this consultation were reported through to members of the Resources Policy Development Group in January 2015. The findings will be used to inform the provision of the new facility when it is re-located as part of the cinema multiplex development.