CLOSED28/10/2014 to 09/11/2014
  • local people
  • visitors to Wyndham Park
Face to face / website
  • district wide
  • Wyndham Park


The purpose of this consultation was to find out what activities and events people who use the park may be interested in attending or participating in, and how satisfied they were with the facilities in situ. 

Summary of actions

Two surveys were carried out - one with users of the park and its facilities, the other with visitors to the council's website. They were asked how often they visited the park, why they visited and also what might encourage them to visit more frequently. They were also asked how satisfied they were with the facilities on offer and how safe they felt whilst in the park.

They were also given a list of potential activities and events and asked if they would like to see or participate in them.

148 people responded to this consultation - 63 face to face with the remainder participating online.


You said:

You would like to see events and activities that reflect the importance of nature and the outdoors - a nature detectives' day, flower beds designed by local school children, a WW1 inspired flower meadow and a fitness trail were all popular choices.

We did: 

Further work will be undertaken to move these suggestions and ideas forward using  funding from the first tranche of the Heritage Lottery grant.