CLOSED20/12/2013 to 10/01/2014
  • general public
  • local business representatives
Social media/website and emailAll of South Kesteven


The purpose of this consultation was to help us ascertain if our residents would prefer us to increase our element of council tax for the 2015/2016 financial year by 2% or accept a freeze grant from central government -equivalent to an increase of 1%.

Summary of actions

Representatives of local business and our residents were contacted via email and social media and asked to complete a survey.

They were asked if they agreed with an increase of 2 % on the district council's element of council tax or would prefer the council to accept a freeze grant from central government (equivalent to an increase of 1% in council tax).

107 responses were received from local people, with a 30% response from local businesses. 


You said:

Of the 107 responses that were received, 55 (51.4%) supported a freeze. 52 (48.6%) thought the council should increase their element of council tax by 2%.

We did: 

The council's cabinet took this feedback into consideration at their meeting on 2 February 2015. They agreed with the feedback from residents and recommended a freeze for 2015/16.  This was then considered and approved by full Council on 2 March 2015.