CLOSED16/08/2013 to 06/09/2013Citizens' Panel
Web link survey and postAll of South Kesteven


The purpose of the survey was to understand how our customers contact us now and how they might want to be able to contact us in the future.

Summary of actions

We wanted to find out about the contact they made with us during the last year, why they chose to contact us in this particular way and how they would like to be able to contact us in the future.

537 panel members responded and the topics covered included:

  • why and how customers contacted us
  • how we dealt with those enquiries
  • the preferred method of contact from customers
  • customers knowledge of services available online
  • the devices they might use to contact us


You said:

Most of you who contacted us recently did so by phone, but around 70% of you said you would also contact us using a laptop, PC or tablet.

We did: 

The information was used to inform the 2013/14 Customer Access Strategy and it's subsequent actions - particularly in relation to how people use new technology.