CLOSED04/05/2013 to 05/05/2013
  • local people
  • visitors to Wyndham Park
Face to face
  • Grantham town centre
  • Wyndham Park


The purpose of this consultation was to find out which design local people preferred for the new paddling pool in Wyndham Park.

Summary of actions

Displays were set up in the Isaac Newton Shopping Centre and in Wyndham Park on the first weekend in May 2013. Local people were asked to choose which design they preferred from five options.  

168 members of the public (from a total of 359) chose design 5 - a paddling pool and splash pad. The winning design is shown below:

Wyndham Park paddling pool option 5


You said:

You chose the design that combined elements of a traditional paddling pool with a contemporary splash pad.

We did: 

Contractors were then asked to tender for this scheme. The new paddling pool will open in Spring 2015.