Councillor allowances/expenses

Each of our councillors is entitled to receive a 'basic allowance' to reflect the work they do as local representatives.


Member's Allowances 2018/19
Member's Allowances 2017/18
Member's Allowances 2016/17
Member's Allowances 2015/16
Member's Allowances 2014/15
Member's Allowances 2013/14
Member's Allowances 2012/13 
Member's Allowances 2011/12
Member's Allowances 2010/11
Member's Allowances 2009/10

They can also claim:

  • a special responsibility allowance, which is paid to chairs and vice-chairs of committees, the Leader, members of the Executive and leaders of opposition parties
  • childcare/carer's allowance, which members can claim when attending to council business. We pay our councillors for the actual costs they incur up to a limit of £1,088 per annum
  • travel and subsistence expenses can also be claimed by councillors to cover their costs when they are required to travel for approved duties

In addition to directly paid expenses, we also provide our councillors with equipment such as computers and printers and pay for broadband connectivity to assist them in carrying out their duties.

The level of councillors allowances is based on recommendations made by an Independent Remuneration Panel. Find out more about how allowances set >>