The following meetings are recorded:

  • Cabinet
  • Council
  • Development Control Committee
  • Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Committee
  • Licensing Committee

Other committee meetings may also be recorded.

Make a request to listen to the recording of a public meeting

If you would like to listen to the recording of a public meeting, please contact us >>

Recordings may be edited to exclude any third party, confidential or exempt information at the absolute discretion of the responsible officer. When meetings are private (not open to the public), or when confidential or exempt items of business are transacted (when the press and public are excluded), access to replay or obtain copies will be restricted in accordance with the Access to Information Procedure rules.

The council may charge a fee for data subject access requests and/or for any costs involved in providing copies or transcripts of any recording.

If you would like more information please read our pdf icon protocol concerning the recording of public meetings [71kb]