Use of social media, filming and recording in council meetings

Whilst the council does not have a policy relating to the use of social media and recording of its meetings, both are permitted as council meetings are public meetings.

If you would like to film or record a meeting, please liaise with council staff before the start of the meeting.

Social media

Social media users will be able to report live from meetings so long as their reporting does not disrupt the meeting


Please note that filming at meetings should not cause a disruption and is at the discretion of the chairperson. We ask that before filming begins, all those present are notified so that anyone who does not want to be filmed can leave the room. If the numbers leaving the room are disruptive to the meeting, that may mean you will be refused the right to film.

If someone starts to film without requesting the right to do so, the chairperson can ask them to stop until they have informed those present, as a matter of courtesy, that they are being filmed.


You may make your own recording of meetings provided it does not disrupt the meeting.

Recording of meetings

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