Community Infrastructure Levy [CIL]

The Community Infrastructure Levy [CIL] is a mechanism that allows Local Authorities to fund infrastructure by levying a charge on new developments in their area.

Community Infrastructure Levy [CIL] receipts can be used to support growth by helping to pay for a wide range of infrastructure, which will include parks, schools, community facilities, health facilities, leisure centres etc.

CIL is a charge on the net increase in floor space and is payable on most developments over 100 sqm, or where a new dwelling is created.  CIL rates may vary by area and use, i.e. there may be different rates for residential or industrial uses.  Unlike Section 106 agreements, CIL is a standard tariff and is not negotiable.

When introduced, CIL is intended to replace some types of Section 106 planning agreements.  However, affordable housing and other site-specific mitigation measures will continue to be required through Section 106 agreements.

See the Community Infrastructure Levy (Amendment) Regulations 2012 >>

Community Infrastructure Levy in South Kesteven

The council has not yet made a decision on the introduction of CIL.