Policies Map

The Policies Map shows geographically the adopted policies and proposals of the Development Plan Documents.

We are required to include an adopted Policies Map in our Local Plan.  It reflects the most up-to-date spatial plan for the district and is revised when new policies and proposals are adopted.  Inset maps have been prepared at a larger scale than the Policies Map to show certain areas in more detail.  The area that the inset maps cover is shown on the Policies Map.

The adopted Policies Map and individual inset maps are available to download below.

The Policies Map is being updated following the adoption of the Site Allocation and Policies DPD in April 2014. Until this is complete you can view the changes to the Policies Map below:

pdf icon Policies Map Changes (1 of 2) [14Mb]

pdf icon Policies Map Changes (2 of 2) [14Mb]

Mineral Consultation Areas and Waste Management Sites shown on the Proposals Map are from the current adopted Lincolnshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan and adopted June 2016.

Proposals Map Document This link opens in a new browser windowDistrict Map Showing Insets This link opens in a new browser windowProposals Map Legend This link opens in a new browser window
pdf icon Full Proposals Map Document [24Mb]pdf icon A0 District showing Inset Locations [8Mb]pdf icon Proposals Map Legend [384kb]
(low resolution version)  

Download Individual Inset Maps

pdf icon Inset 1 Fulbeck [913kb]pdf icon Inset 2 Caythorpe [769kb]
pdf icon Inset 24 Morton [1Mb]pdf icon Inset 25 Irnham [571kb]
pdf icon Inset 5 Ancaster [1Mb]pdf icon Inset 6 Barkston [1Mb]
pdf icon Inset 26 Stoke Rochford [575kb]pdf icon Inset 27 Skillington [629kb]
pdf icon Inset 9 Oasby [808kb]pdf icon Inset 10 Londonthorpe [702kb]
pdf icon Inset 28 Colsterworth [1Mb]pdf icon Inset 29 South Witham [1Mb]
pdf icon Inset 13 Grantham [5Mb]pdf icon Inset Grantham Centre [2Mb]
pdf icon Inset 30 Castle Bytham [1Mb]pdf icon Inset 31 Burton-le-Coggles [617kb]
pdf icon Inset 16 Denton [643kb]pdf icon Inset 17 Woolsthorpe By Belvoir [971kb]
pdf icon Inset 32 Corby Glen [1Mb]pdf icon Inset 33 Swinstead [564kb]
pdf icon Inset 20 Folkingham [753kb]pdf icon Inset 21 Billingborough [1Mb]
pdf icon Inset 34 Witham on the Hill [582kb]pdf icon Inset 35 Bourne [1Mb]
pdf icon Inset 3 Hough-on-the-Hill [842kb]pdf icon Inset 4 Westborough [842kb]
pdf icon Inset 36 Bourne Town Centre [1Mb]pdf icon Inset 37 Braceborough [486kb]
pdf icon Inset 11 Gonerby Moor [1Mb]pdf icon Inset 12 Great Gonerby [1Mb]
pdf icon Inset 14 Barrowby [1Mb]pdf icon Inset 15 Harlaxton [1Mb]
pdf icon Inset 18 Ropsley [982kb]pdf icon Inset 19 Braceby [507kb]
pdf icon Inset 22 Aslackby [603kb]pdf icon Inset 23 Dunsby [507kb]
pdf icon Inset 7 Allington [1Mb]pdf icon Inset 8 Belton [1Mb]
pdf icon Inset 38 Greatford [665kb]pdf icon Inset 39 Barholm [523kb]
pdf icon Inset 40 Langtoft [1Mb]pdf icon Inset 41 Deepings [2Mb]
pdf icon Inset 42 Deepings Centre [1Mb]pdf icon Inset 43 West Deeping [651kb]
pdf icon Inset 44 Uffington [581kb]pdf icon Inset 45 Casewick Hall [415kb]
pdf icon Inset 46 Stamford [1Mb]pdf icon Inset 47 Stamford Centre [1Mb]