Core Strategy Development Plan Document

The Core Strategy provides the policy framework for the district, setting out key principles to guide development.

The Core Strategy is one of the most important parts of the Local Development Plan.  It sets out how much development is needed and the key principles that will help decide where development should take place and what it should look like.

It provides the framework to steer development and change in South Kesteven until 2026

The Core Strategy was adopted by the council on the 5th July 2010. It covers the whole district, forms part of the Development Plan for South Kesteven and will be the starting point for considering planning applications.  The Core Strategy is supported by a New Policies Map which shows, geographically, the Core Strategy designations.

The key stages leading to the adoption of the Core Strategy are set out below.

The Core Strategy and supporting documents are available to view and download:

All of the above documents can be inspected, free of charge, at our offices and local libraries in the district (refer to Adoption Statement for locations and opening hours).

South Kesteven Local Plan [1995]

With the adoption of the Core Strategy and Site Allocation and Policies Development Plan Document, many of the policies in the South Kesteven Local Plan [1995] have been superseded.


The Core Strategy was submitted for examination on the 21 August 2009. Mrs Karen McCabe, BA (Hons), MTP, DMS, MRTPI was appointed to hold the examination. The purpose of the examination was to test the soundness of the Core Strategy.

The Inspector's report on the examination was received on the 8 June 2010. The Inspector found the Core Strategy to be sound subject to the changes set out in her report (see above for documents).

The Inspector held a pre-hearing meeting on the 22 October 2009. The examination hearing sessions were held between the 19 January and 17 March 2010.


The Core Strategy, the accompanying Sustainability Appraisal and supporting documents, were published on the 16 January 2009 for six weeks to enable representations to be made.

Earlier Consultation Stages

At the initial stage of producing the Core Strategy, we consulted on the 'Issues and Options' paper in 2005. This gave local communities, and others, the opportunity to shape and influence the Core Strategy in its first stage of preparation.

After the issues and options, we produced the 'Preferred Options' document (2006) on which we undertook a six week consultation. After the preferred options, it was necessary to consult upon a second round of preferred options in order to reflect a change in circumstances. This took place in 2007.

Below are the documents relating to the stages: