Annual monitoring

Information and documents about our annual monitoring of planning policies and development.

We monitor progress in preparing and putting into action our Local Plan through our annual monitoring report (AMR). It provides information on how the aims of the local development documents are being achieved. 

It also sets out the amount of new development and whether we are meeting the requirements set out in our Core Strategy.

Annual monitoring reports

We have five key tasks for our annual monitoring reports:

  • reviewing progress in preparing the local development documents
  • assessing how well these documents are being put into action
  • when policies are not put into action, we explain why, and either what we are doing to make sure they are put into action or what we are doing to change or replace the policy
  • highlighting key effects of the policies and whether these are what was originally planned
  • setting out whether policies need changing or replacing

The AMR also provides details on Neighbourhood Plans, Community Infrastructure Levy and co-operation under the Duty to Co-operate.

The report shows if we need to change existing plans or prepare new local development documents. It can also be used to generate changes to the local development scheme.