Pay and display

Where pay and display parking is in operation you can park your car in a space and then buy a ticket from the payment machine. Costs and parking hours will be displayed on the machine. Buy a ticket to cover the amount of time you intend to stay and display the ticket in your car.

Pay by mobile phone

Phone and Pay logo

Cashless car parking is now available in Grantham and Stamford.

The Phone and Pay service enables you to pay for parking via mobile phone. No need to fumble around for cash or put a paper ticket on your windscreen! You can even receive a text to remind you when your parking is due to expire and extend your parking whilst away from your vehicle!

The system can be accessed by mobile phones, text message or downloaded as an app.

There are many ways to pay for parking:

SKDC Car Park Season Tickets Register online for Phone and Pay
Call01476 856 836
Text07786 207 708
Download "Phone and Pay" app (search for "Phone and Pay Parking")

How to use phone and pay:

1.    Register online or phone 01476 856 836

2.    Quote the location code to book parking

3.    Select how long you wish to park for

4.    By using our SMS services you will receive a text message to confirm your parking and when your parking is due to expire

5.    Call back, use our app or text 07786 207 708 to extend your existing parking session

Report a pay and display machine out of order

To report a machine out of order, please call 01476 40 60 80 or 07712 199061

  • state the name of the car park and machine number on the pay and display information board
  • describe the ticket machine fault, e.g. the digital display is blank, jammed coins etc