Tools and powers

The Anti Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 has been introduced to streamline the existing tools and powers to deal with anti-social behaviour.

Anti Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 >>

In addition to the existing tools available to us we will make full use of the new powers and these can include:

Anti-Social Behaviour OrderA civil order to prevent anti social behaviour (ASBO).
Absolute Ground for PossessionPossession of secure and assured tenancies, where anti- social behaviour or criminality has already been proven by another court.
Closure powers Allows us to quickly close premises, which are being used, or likely to be used to commit nuisance or disorder.
Community Protection Notice Stops a person 16years and over, a business or organisation committing anti-social behaviour, which spoils the community's quality of life.
Community ResolutionGives victims a say in an out-of-court punishment for very low-level crime and anti social behaviour.
Criminal Behaviour OrderAimed at tackling serious and persistent offenders where their behaviour has brought them before a criminal court.
Dispersals Will be used by police to remove any person committing or likely to commit anti social behaviour, crime or disorder to leave an area for up to 48 hours.
Public Spaces Protection OrderWill stop persons or groups committing anti- social behaviour in a public space.
The community triggerAllows the public to challenge public bodies to account for their response to anti- social behaviour.

We work closely with our partners to identify 'hot spots' and develop strategies to prevent anti-social behaviour.

We will:

  • investigate allegations of anti-social behaviour
  • reassure communities and individuals 
  • prevent further anti-social behaviour
  • promote community safety
  • offer advice
  • work with the perpetrators to prevent further recurrences of anti-social behaviour
  • identify the root causes of the anti-social behaviour
  • treat your complaint in confidence and with sensitivity
  • carry out public consultation 
  • liaise closely with other council services and outside agencies to ensure continuity of attention
  • recognise the need to engage with parents of young people within the process

We will also:

  • carry out and support positive referrals to advocacy services, mediation services, early intervention schemes and family support schemes
  • we will participate with families who are being supported by and working in a multi agency environment

Case review

We continually review our cases but if you, or several others have made three or more complaints within the last six months to police, your registered social landlord, or us you can activate a community trigger to instigate a review of the case. See further information about the community trigger >>

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