Private Water Supplies (England) Regulations 2016

The regulations seek to safeguard public health by ensuring that private water supplies are wholesome and safe to drink. They require quality standards similar to those of mains water supplies.

The regulations require us to carry out sampling of and risk assessments on most private water supplies at least once every five years.

Who do the Regulations apply to?

The Regulations apply to anyone who owns or uses a private water supply serving two or more dwellings or a commercial property where the water is intended for human consumption. If you are operating a food business from your premises (e.g. home caterer, bed and breakfast) you must have wholesome water at all times.

What do the Regulations require for my type of supply?

This depends on the classification of your supply. The classifications are as follows:

  • Commercial (including tenanted domestic properties), public or large supplies (over 50 people): A risk assessment is required at least once every five years and sampling at least once a year
  • small supplies (less than 50 people supplying more than one domestic owner/occupied property): A risk assessment is required at least once every five years and basic sampling at least once every five years
  • single property supplies (supplying one owner occupied property): These supplies do not require routine sampling or a risk assessment. However, a sample or risk assessment can be undertaken by us at the owner or occupier's request