Register your tattooing or body treatment business

Skin piercing activities of acupuncture, cosmetic piercing, electrolysis, semi-permanent skin colouring and tattooing require registration with us and persons registered must comply with the relevant byelaws.

Certificates of registration are normally issued within 28 working days. These must be displayed prominently with the bye-laws at the relevant premises. Please click on the button below to register your business.  

Register your business (GOV.UK)

Should you not satisfy the conditions, our officer will confirm in writing the work that is required. When you believe the work has been completed you should contact us for a re-assessment. YOU MUST NOT START piercing until all conditions are met and agreed by us.

Operating at other studios

If you are operating in more than one premise within South Kesteven, each premise must be registered for the activity you are undertaking. There will only be one fee for each person and each activity.

Whilst registration allows you to operate at any other premises registered here, you must contact other authorities if you intend to operate within other districts.

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