Registered body piercers in South Kesteven

Health and Beauty16 CastlegateGrantham
House of Colour22 Guildhall StreetGrantham
Crystal Skull Body Piercing7a-7b Commercial RoadGrantham
Deeping Ink 116 Church StreetMarket Deeping
Illusions   29 West StreetBourne
Piercing By Debbie 14 St Mary's HillStamford

We also recommend parents and children follow these simple guidelines before choosing to have a piercing:

  • all registered premises and registered body piercers must clearly display their registration certificates including their photograph. If in doubt contact our Environmental Health team
  • never have a body piercing in someone's home
  • no reputable or registered piercer will undertake inappropriate piercings without parental consent. But parents and young people are reminded there is unfortunately no legal age limit for body piercing, just tattooing (18 and over)
  • piercers must spend time with you before any piercing to ask you about any health conditions
  • it is important to talk to your doctor before considering a piercing if you have any medical condition or take prescribed medication
  • do not get a piercing if you are pregnant or suspect you may be
  • the piercer should give you written instructions about how you should look after your piercing once it is complete
  • schools often have strict policies on piercings so check before any work is done to avoid problems