Think before you ink!

Having a tattoo is not just about cost and what the artwork will look like. You must remember that someone (not a qualified health professional) will be piercing your skin with needles and there are potentially serious health risks, including infections.

You need to consider:

  • are the tattooist and the premises registered with the council? NEVER have a tattoo done by someone who is working illegally from home. By law, their certificate must be clearly displayed with the tattooist's photograph
  • you must be 18 years or older to have a tattoo. There are no exceptions to this. The police and the council will prosecute anyone who breaks this law. Just like buying alcohol, the responsibility is on the tattooist to ensure they have made reasonable checks to ensure the person is over 18.  Official evidence must be provided, such as a passport or driving license with photo ID
  • the tattooist must ensure you have no medical conditions that will increase the risk of complications occurring. These checks are vitally important and must be recorded and signed by the customer
  • does the premise look and smell clean and tidy?
  • is the tattooist washing their hands regularly?  Wearing disposable gloves does not replace hand washing