Be a 'Scratcher Catcher'

If you know of anyone tattooing illegally let us know and we will investigate. We take illegal tattooing very seriously. Where necessary we will stop illegal tattooing, sometimes with the assistance of police, monitor the situation and prosecute illegal tattooists.

Scratcher catcher image

 'Scratcher' is the term commonly used when referring to illegal tattooists.  'Scratchers' are deemed to be operating illegally because they may be:

  • working from a premise which is not registered or inspected by the council for safety and hygiene. They are often found to be tattooing in kitchens, bedrooms or other unsuitable environments
  • unregistered and have little or no knowledge about how to tattoo someone safely. 'Scratchers' will tell you they know what they are doing but from our experiences they are often undertaking unsafe and unhygienic tattooing
  • using equipment which has been purchased from auction websites rather than a suitable trade supplier

You must always use a tattooist who is registered with the council and working from a registered premises.  If you don't, then you risk becoming infected with HIV, Hepatitis or suffering from other serious health issues.

To report an illegal tattooist, please download our 'Scratcher Catcher' report form below.