How we deal with unwanted noise and sounds.

The range of noise problems we deal with includes:

  • loud music
  • domestic noise such as DIY
  • barking dogs
  • construction sites
  • pubs and clubs
    (Download our Licensed Premises Guide [2Mb])
  • intruder alarms
  • commercial premises 

If the problem relates to a council property, our Estate Management team will be able to help you. See further information >>

We can only investigate noise from "premises" (houses, factories, pubs etc.) Noise in the street can only be investigated if it is caused by vehicle alarms or loudspeakers in vehicles.

For construction sites, there should be no noisy works before 7.30am and after 6pm during the week, before 8am and after 1pm on a Saturday, and nothing on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

We do not deal with aircraft, railway and road traffic noise.

Lincolnshire Police deal with noisy vehicles and anti-social behaviour in the street.

How we can help?

We encourage neighbours to see if they resolve issues themselves initially. If this fails, we need to know where the noise is coming from and the name of the person responsible if known. We may ask you to keep a diary of the issues. We will assess loudness, time of day, how often it occurs and how long it lasts.

What actions can we take?

If the noise pollution is a nuisance in law (a "statutory nuisance"), we can serve a notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 requiring the noise pollution to be stopped. We may require that the noise stops immediately or prohibit its recurrence. In cases where some work is necessary, we will allow a specified time for compliance.

Failure to comply with an abatement notice is an offence and the council can prosecute. We may also take what is called 'default action' in some cases, and this could involve disabling car or intruder alarms or seizing stereo equipment.

For further information and advice on a noise issue, please contact us >>