Starting a food business

If you are reading this page, you are conscientious about food hygiene and safety. In most cases livelihoods and reputations are at stake and ever has it been more important for food business operators to do things correctly.

When planning to open a new food business, getting it right at the planning stage will prevent problems later on.

Download our checklist for food businesses before your first inspection so that you get it right first time. Checklist for food businesses [Word doc 22kb] >>

Food business registration

Businesses which sell food on a regular basis (whether for profit or not) must register with us. Complete the registration form below accurately, sign it and return it to us at the address on the form 28 days before you intend to open. We then enter your details onto our database and programme an inspection for when you open.

The 'your inspection, your business' booklet below will guide you through what our environmental health team does to help you meet your responsibilities and comply with food safety and health and safety law.

You may need a license if you intend to:

  • sell hot food between 11pm-5am
  • operate in a street or lay-by
  • sell alcohol
  • provide facilities for gambling e.g. 'slot machines'

You may need planning permission to open a food business.

  • if the premise was something different before
  • if you plan to install extract ventilation
  • if you are operating from home
  • if you plan to do alterations or extend

Businesses must make sure their waste is disposed of safely and legally. We have a responsibility to help them do that.

We hope your business succeeds and is able to contribute to making South Kesteven a great place to live.

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