Food hygiene training

Complete a food hygiene course.

All food handlers are legally required to be trained in food hygiene to a level appropriate to the type of work being done. Also, for those food business owners wanting to achieve an 'excellent' standard it will be necessary to have regular refresher training for staff and have evidence available to show that training has been completed.

Online learning (eLearning)

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) accredited online courses are now available. For many people eLearning is the preferred option due to low costs and convenience. Whichever option you choose it is important you ensure the training you receive is of a good quality.

Why CIEH accredited eLearning?

  • training content is high quality, including video lessons - bringing learning to life
  • low cost
  • convenient - courses can be completed wherever there is a computer with online access
  • flexible -  can be completed at your pace, including recap sessions and question and answer exercises
  • customisable with choice of voice overs

How do I get started?

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Other local classroom style courses

For providers of accredited local food hygiene training courses visit: