An occupier of land must hold a site licence in order for it to be used as a caravan site unless one of the following exemptions applies:

  • incidental use within the curtilage of a dwelling house
  • single caravan used by a person for not more than two nights, totalling not more than 28 days in 12 months
  • use of land of 5 or more acres where 3 or less caravans are stationed for 28 days or less a year
  • sites occupied and supervised by exempted organisations. Camping and Touring Caravan Exemption Certificates: A Guide for Applicants
  • sites approved by exempted organisations for up to five caravans
  • forestry works, builders, travelling showmen or seasonal workers
  • sites operated and owned by a local council, or gypsy sites occupied by county councils

Sites which are used for touring caravans, static holiday caravans and those used for permanent residential accommodation (also referred to as park homes) may all require a licence.

Sites used for tents will also require a licence if they are in use for more than 42 consecutive days or more than 60 days in a year.

Licensing and planning permission

Before you can apply for a Site Licence you will need planning permission for the development of the site, and comply with any conditions set.