Empty Homes Assistance

Financial assistance is available to help landlords bring empty homes up to the decent homes standard and back into use for the private rental market.

The maximum fund available is £5,000 per property. To apply, please download the application form below.

Eligible properties must have been unoccupied and unfurnished for at least six months prior to the date of the application. The vacant period is to be evidenced by council tax bills showing the relevant exemption.

Eligible applicants must be the owners of the empty home or people representing the owners' interest (such as an executor of a will).

Eligible costs the fund could pay for:

  • a new heating system; where there is no existing heating, the heating is broken, inefficient or inappropriate for the property
  • electrical work where a full rewire or extensive remedial work is required
  • roof repairs or re-roofing
  • replacement windows and doors
  • material costs
  • contractor's labour costs

Legionella and empty properties 

Landlords have responsibilities to assess the risk of exposure of their tenants to Legionella and implement appropriate control measures.  Most residential properties will be low risk, however, where a property has been empty there may be an increased risk as water may have stagnated in pipework.