Assisted Garden Maintenance Scheme

In partnership with our contractors we carry out basic (lawns and hedgerows) but regular maintenance of the gardens of our most vulnerable tenants.

The scheme, is principally aimed at tenants who, for reasons of age, a medical condition or ongoing poor health aren't able to look after their gardens and who aren't able to call on the help of local relatives or friends.

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Apply for the scheme

Here is a list summarising some of the main points of the scheme:

  • the Assisted Garden Maintenance Scheme is currently free of charge to tenants who satisfy the entitlement criteria
  • at the start of each season, we write to all tenants on the Assisted Garden Maintenance Scheme to advise them of start dates for the maintenance work along with anticipated frequency of visits
  • there are currently around 700 tenants in receipt of this service
  • seasonal maintenance generally starts in March and runs through to October each year. Grass is generally cut every 2-3 weeks and hedgerows (where applicable) two times a year
  • to ensure the service is provided to those with a genuine need, we reassess the circumstances of beneficiaries on a regular basis
  • as part of the service we provide responsive grounds maintenance (tree, shrub maintenance etc) as deemed appropriate
  • we offer advice to our tenants regarding matters connected with grounds maintenance

Glendale carry out grounds maintenance services on behalf of South Kesteven District Council. Find out more and search Glendale Live to find out where they are working in your area on the Glendale website >>