Assisted Garden Maintenance Scheme

EnvironmentSK carry out grounds maintenance services on behalf of South Kesteven District Council, and will carry out maintenance of lawns and hedgerows for our most vulnerable tenants.

The scheme is principally aimed at tenants who, for reasons of age, a medical condition or ongoing poor health are not able to look after their gardens, and who are not able to call on the help of local relatives or friends.

To apply, please click on the button below.

Apply for the scheme

Some information about the garden maintenance scheme: 

  1. Over 70 years of age
  2. Claiming DLA/PIP - we would need proof of this
  3. Ongoing poor health which prevents you maintaining your garden/hedgerows (Please note trees and shrubs are not included)
  4. Do you have a local resident (within 10 miles of your home), family or friend who could assist you with the maintenance of your garden?

For more information about EnvironmentSK, please visit their website at