How we maintain housing grounds within the district

In partnership with our contractors we are responsible for the routine maintenance of all "housing" grounds including hedgerows, trees, landscaped areas, grass, shrub beds, garage sites and general communal space.

  • we have maintenance responsibility  for hundreds of public spaces, grass and shrub beds, communal spaces, trees and paths - along with over 100 garage sites
  • we support our voids, re-let and improvement teams by ensuring that gardens are tidy before a property is re-let to a new tenant
  • we encourage tenants to comment on the quality of the service and align service standards to the requirements of residents
  • we maintain our areas to comply with any standards required by law
  • we maintain our areas mindful of our obligations to conservation
  • we provide a winter salting and snow clearance service to our supported housing schemes
  • our objectives are to maintain an environment which is pleasing and a pleasant place to live
  • we endeavour to ensure that trees on communal areas are maintained and kept in a safe condition
  • we carry out regular inspections of our neighbourhoods to ensure our contractors are working in accordance with the contract and delivering the service that we specify
  • we encourage the community and customers to take an interest in the care of their local neighbourhood and to participate in providing feedback
  • we offer advice to our tenants regarding matters connected with grounds maintenance

Our current grounds maintenance contractor is Glendale Services.