Estate inspections

We want your input into your area.

Officers and local residents take part in joint estate inspections throughout the year. We also invite representatives from the repairs team, community safety team, environmental team, police, county council and local councillors who attend with us when they can.

We look at all sorts of issues that may affect your estate or village, including untidy gardens, communal areas and open spaces, fly tipping, abandoned cars and graffiti. With your help we will look at ways of improving the area to ensure that your estate or village is a more pleasant place to live in.

Estate inspections aim to make your neighbourhood a better place to live. The inspections are made on foot but if you use a mobility scooter or a wheelchair that is also fine. For these inspections to be as successful as possible, we encourage local residents to join us whenever they can to make sure we are aware of as many issues as possible. Your views on how improvements can be made to your estates and on how we can improve our service to you really matters to us.

For further information or if you want to get involved, please contact our Resident Involvement Officer on 01476 40 60 80.