We will:

  • provide advice, guidance and support to tenants
  • investigate all cases of illegal occupation of our properties and remove trespassers
  • respond within two working days to any report of an abandoned property or offensive graffiti
  • respond to all written comments/complaints about your estate within ten working days of receipt and send an officer to talk to tenants
  • remove abandoned vehicles as quickly as possible if we are legally allowed to remove the
  • act quickly to reports of pests in our buildings and on our land - and provide information to our residents on how to deal with pests (rats, mice, wasps) in their own homes
  • inspect all garages owned by us and ensure they are fit for purpose
  • inspect and remove rubbish that has been dumped on our land. We will try and find out who was responsible and may take legal action
  • review grounds maintenance contracts and ensure each site is acceptable
  • ensure that our estate supervisors visit your local estate regularly and consult you about our service
  • advertise a programme of inspections and invite residents, councillors and other agencies to join us on the walks around the district 

Take a look at our 'Estate management' booklet for further information.