Am I eligible for adaptations to my property?

You can apply if you or a member of your household has a disability or are frail or elderly.

What is a 'Means' test?

If the work will cost more than £1,000, you may have to pay towards it. We will work out how much you would have to pay by taking into account your income and savings. This is known as a means test.

We will send you a means test form that you will need to fill in and return to us together with proof of your income and savings. We will let you know the result and ask you if you want us to go ahead with the work.

What happens next?

If your property needs only a small adaptation, we will arrange the work through our Responsive Housing Repairs team. They will contact you direct to arrange a suitable date with you to do the work.

If the work is more extensive, we will carry out a survey first. We may need to draw plans, then apply for planning permission and meet building regulations. The contractor will then be appointed and will arrange with you a convenient start date for the work.

Can I pay privately to have work done?

Yes, but you will need permission in writing from our Property Development team before you start any work.