Your responsibilities

What we expect from our tenants.

  • please pay your rent on time. See more about paying your rent >>
  • tell us about repairs that are needed. See more about reporting a repair >>
  • repair any minor jobs yourself if you are able
  • repair any damage that you have caused - if we repair it, we will charge you
  • get our permission before carrying out alterations to your home
  • keep your home clean and well decorated
  • keep your garden tidy and free from rubbish
  • allow us, or someone working on our behalf, to come into your home so we can carry out an inspection or work. They will always carry identification and you will be told in advance
  • tell us if you are going to be away from your home for more than 4 weeks (e.g. hospital, holiday)
  • ensure everyone in the house behaves responsibly and does not cause a nuisance, annoy, disturb or harass your neighbours and the local area
  • do not run a business from your home without our permission
  • ensure your pet is suitable and does not cause a nuisance to your neighbourhood (e.g. many pets are unsuitable for flats so check with us)


  • do not park on grass verges, pathways etc. We have a number of garages available for rent. See further information >>
  • do not park any motor-home, caravan, boat or business vehicle that weighs more than two tonnes at the property
  • do not park any vehicle that is not legal or roadworthy on any land that belongs to us
  • do not receive payment for repairing any vehicle at the property

You need written permission to:

  • let people stay with you for more than four weeks who are not included in your housing application form
  • carry out alterations to the property
  • put a garage, greenhouse or shed in the garden
  • fit a CB aerial or satellite dish
  • build a parking space or drive
  • remove, alter, or replace any walls, hedges, fences or trees
  • sublet any part of the property
  • exchange or transfer your home
  • build a pigeon loft   

Ignoring these conditions may result in action by us where you may have to pay the costs and you could even lose your home.

If you need any further advice, please contact us >>