Greyfriars and Wharf Place development project

The Greyfriars and Wharf Place Supplementary Planning Documents were adopted by the Council on the 9 January 2012.

The Greyfriars and Wharf Place SPDs have been prepared to guide development of two areas close to the town centre of Grantham, these have been identified as locations for mixed use developments including retail, leisure and housing.

Their proximity to the town centre provides an opportunity to deliver a step change in the retail/leisure profile of the town centre. They extend the range and quality of retail provision whilst making beneficial use of under used land (Greyfriars) or creating an improved gateway at a key entry point to the town centre (Wharf Place).

To guide the development of these sites we have produced Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) for each site with detail on:

  • the design principles and parameters
  • guidance on overall development parameters including preferred mix and scale of development
  • quality standards for the sites
  • council requirements for the site
  • an indicative approach to development delivery and phasing

 The SPDs and associated documents can be downloaded here:

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