The tables below show our current fee schedule.  If you are unsure as to how much your search will cost, please contact us >>


Fee £

 Registration of a charge on Part II of register£81.30
Filing a Definitive Certificate of Lands Tribunal£3.40
Filing adjustment etc. for variation - cancellation of entry in Part II £8.60
Inspection of documents filed under rule 10£3.40
 Official search (including issue of certificate) - whole of register£14.30
Office copy of entry in register £13.20

 Con 29 Part I enquiries

Fee inc VAT £

- one parcel of land£126.54
- each additional parcel£18.36
Supplementary Part II enquiries
- each printed enquiry£15.78
- Solicitor/Clients own enquiry£19.56
- Question 22 common land£19.56
Enquiries by personal searchers (per item)  

Commercial basic search including official search and LLC1


Commercial basic search CON 29R




Expedited Search (3 - 5 day turnaround)£32.80


Fee inc VAT £

Building Regulations Q1.1 (J-L)£4.80
Nearby Railway Schemes Q3.5£1.20
Outstanding Notices Q3.7 (A-D & F)£3.24
Contravention of Building Regulations Q3.8£0.84
Notices, Orders, Directions and Proceedings under Planning Acts Q3.9 (A-N) £5.28
Conservation Area Q3.11 (B) £1.14
Compulsory Purchase Q3.12£1.44
Contaminated Land Q3.13 (Bi & C)£10.68