The Local Plan

The Local Plan is the overall Development Plan for South Kesteven, setting out our local planning policies.

Planning applications must be determined in accordance with the Development Plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

The Local Plan for the district currently comprises the Core Strategy, Site Allocation and Policies DPD and a few remaining policies and allocations (which affect Grantham only) included in the 1995 Local Plan.

These plans have been prepared in accordance with national policies and regulations, including the consideration of the plans, and any comments made about them, at a Public Examination held by an Independent Planning Inspector. The plans are adopted and are therefore the council's official policy for planning, development and growth in the district.

In addition to our local plan policies,  national planning policies are set out in the National Planning Policy Framework [NPPF]. These must be taken into consideration in the preparation of Local Plans and in the determination of planning applications.

pdf icon Core Strategy [adopted July 2010] [3Mb]

pdf icon Site Allocation and Policies DPD [adopted April 2014] [1Mb]

We are now preparing a new Local Plan which will cover all of South Kesteven up to 2036.  It will set out the strategic direction for sustainable development, covering housing and employment and setting out our objectives and vision. When completed this plan will replace the three documents which currently form our development plan.

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) is the timetable for producing the planning documents that will make up the Local Plan. The scheme tells you when documents will be produced and when you can expect to get involved.

pdf icon Local Development Scheme - Nov 2015 (revised) [994kb]