Get involved with your housing

We have lots of ways you can be involved, in ways that fit your circumstances and how much time you can spare.

To register your interest to get involved, please click on the button below.

Register your interest

Here are some of the ways you can get involved: 

Text alerts

We will text you to tell you of news and information posted on the website which you can then look at and take part in if you wish. This does not require any response from you.

Surveys by telephone

We will call you to ask for feedback on our services. The survey will take no more than ten minutes.

Surveys by post

We will send you short questionnaires or surveys gathering your feedback on a specific issue or services. These should take between 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Surveys by email

We will send you short questionnaires or surveys gathering your feedback on a specific issue or services by email.

Estate inspections

We want your input into your area.

Officers and local residents take part in joint estate inspections throughout the year. We also invite representatives from the repairs team, community safety team, environmental team, police, county council and local councillors who attend with us when they can. See further information on estate inspections >> 

Focus groups

Groups of tenants and residents who have agreed to discuss and feedback on specific issues. A focus group may only need to meet once for a half or a full day.

Service review groups

We have two groups that work closely with managers looking in detail at specific service areas such as repairs or estate management; monitoring performance and recommending improvements. Meetings take place monthly and last two hours.​ See further information on service review groups >>

Is anything preventing you from getting involved?

We often get questions from tenants who are worried about something that they feel stops them from taking part in our resident involvement activities. There are lots of ways we can help to ensure that you can get involved, no matter what your personal circumstances are.