Apply for social housing

Advice is available to help you stay in your home, visit our housing issues and advice pages. 

There is a high demand for social housing in our district and our Allocations Policy sets out how we give priority in South Kesteven. Once you have submitted your housing application form we will complete an assessment and be in touch with you. This can take up to 30 days.

Please download and complete the application form below.

The Change of Circumstances Form should be used to inform the Housing Register Team of any change in your circumstances that would affect your housing application. For example, if you have changed your name, address and contact details or some has moved into or out of your household.

If your change of circumstances are related to your health, please complete the Medical Self Assessment Form below.

Are you living in overcrowded accommodation?

Whether or not you are 'overcrowded' depends on the size of your home as well as who lives with you. In order for us to decide whether you should be awarded a rehousing priority, we need to assess whether you are "overcrowded" based on a room standard and space standards set out in the Housing Act 1985 part X.

Please download and complete our Overcrowded Accommodation Assessment Form below.

You can find our Housing Allocation Policy and useful documents below.

**Important information - signing up for a tenancy**

For further information, please submit an enquiry >>