Selling to the council

Our services are only be possible through close working with contractors. If you want to work with the council, please read our guidance below.

Our services are only possible through close working relationships with our suppliers. If you are interested in being a supplier to the Council, please read our guidance below.

South Kesteven District Council contracts with suppliers locally and nationally to deliver services and projects. Working with Welland Procurement, we will:

 Contracts are awarded via procurements compliant with Public Contract Regulations (2015), the Council does not operate an Approved List of Suppliers. For contracts up to £75,000, we will run a Request for Quotation process. For contracts valued between £75,000 and £181,000 we will publish an Invitation to Tender via:

Contracts valued over £181,000 will be procured in accordance with EU Regulations.

The existing Contract Register shares information about our current contracts:

Contract Register

If you want to tender for the work advertised by the Council, please register on Contracts Finder and East Midlands Tenders, you will then be notified when opportunities are advertised.

 For more information about our shared procurement service, please visit Welland Procurement