Selling to the council

The services offered by South Kesteven District Council can only be possible through close working with contractors. If you would like to work with the council, please read our guidance below.

South Kesteven District Council contracts organisations from within the area and further afield to deliver projects.

Working with Procurement Lincolnshire, our projects are aimed at:

  • driving out efficiency but not at the cost of quality
  • developing socially responsible procurement
  • engaging with local and regional suppliers
  • accounting for the social and environmental impact of spending

Contracts are awarded to the best candidate and we do not operate a supplier list.

For contracts up to £75,000 a Request for Quotation will form part of the application process.

If the contract value is between £75,000-£170,000 we would seek to issue a full tender through an Invitation to Tender (ITT). For all contracts above the £170,000 threshold, an Invitation to Tender will be issued in accordance to European Union Regulations.

The existing contract register shares information about our current contracts. 

Existing contracts register

If you would like the chance to work with the council as part of your own project or to tender for specific work please register on the websites below to find current contracts and to receive notifications when opportunities have been advertised:

For more information regarding the tendering process, please visit Procurement Lincolnshire or attend a Meet the Buyer event to learn more about tendering for public sector contracts.