Street naming and numbering

We are responsible for street naming on new developments, village street naming and allocation of postal numbers/house names to new and existing properties.

To make an application, please contact us >>

You can make an application for the following:

New streets and developments

​​A developer should contact us at an early stage with proposals for naming and reasons behind the suggestions. Consultations will then be carried out with Royal Mail and the town/parish councils before name(s) are formally approved.

New property naming and numbering

​​Individual buildings erected on an existing street, will be allocated with a postal number where possible, that include infill properties and property conversions, which may involve using 'A' with the number or flat numbers.

Where no official postal numbering exists, a house name must be used for the postal address. Property owners can name their property but the name should not conflict with any existing name in the postal area.

Changes or additions to existing property, business or building names

It is not possible to replace the postal number with a house name but a name can be used in conjunction with the official postal number. An existing house name can be changed or removed from an address and you should apply to us to have this done.

Village naming and numbering schemes

These are only undertaken at the request of a parish council following open consultations with the residents concerned.


The Royal Mail is responsible for the postcode part of any postal address. The council can liaise with Royal Mail to have addresses added or amended on the Postal Address File database.

Street name plates

We provide and maintain street name plates for roads officially named and adopted by Lincolnshire County Council. Find out more >>