Request an assisted waste collection

This service offers help for people who are unable to put their waste out for collection.

We realise that it is difficult for some of our customers to move their bags or bins for collection. You may have a medical condition which makes this difficult and there may be no one else at your property that can help you.

If you join the scheme, we'll collect and return your bins from a point we've agreed with you.

We can also assist you for a short period of time—for example following an accident or during pregnancy—if there is no one else to help put out your rubbish.

After you apply for assisted collections, someone will come to assess your needs, confirm your eligibility and if bins or bag collection are suitable for your needs.

It is your responsibility to ensure access to your property is available from 7.30am on the day of your collection to ensure your bins or bags are collected.

Request an assisted waste collection