Recycling at home

Become a recycling champion!

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What can I put in my bin?

Some easy tips!

  • Garden waste:  compost it, take it to your local household waste and recycling centre or join our Garden Waste Service.
  • Manage your food budget. An average family of four could save £50 a month!  Visit the Love Food, Hate Waste website >>
  • Buy items packaged in easily recyclable materials
  • Rinse out food jars and tubs before putting them in the silver bin or clear bag
  • Donate unwanted toys, clothes, shoes and books to  schools or charity shops
  • Replace disposable items such as cleaning wipes with washable cloths
  • Use reusable cotton nappies rather than disposables
  • Avoid using cling film and aluminium foil to wrap food
  • Use boxes with lids instead
  • SKToday magazine, which includes your annual bin collection calendar, is going digital. Visit to subscribe.