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Fees and Charges - Waste & Recycling

The Council operates an in-house service for the collection of all household waste - refuse, recycling, green compostable waste and bulky items.

For more information, please follow the following link:
Waste & Recycling
Additional Silver Recycling Bin 26.00
Additional clear recycling sacks (pack of 15) 1.25
Replacement of damaged wheelie bins * 26.00
Replacement of damaged wheels and axles * 20.00
Replacement of bin lid pegs * 5.00
Domestic Refuse Collection
Bulk household items - first item 11.00
- each additional item 5.00
Fridge collection 11.00
Private Street Cleansing Based on cost recovery
* where bins have been damaged by the resident
For information on our Green Waste Collection service, please use the following link:Garden Waste Service
To apply for an additional Silver bin, please use the following link:
To apply for Bulky Waste collection, please use the following link:Bulky Waste - Having a clear out? We can help!
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