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Disruption to local water supply

How to deal with a disruption to the mains water supply.

Water supplies within South Kesteven are provided by Anglian Water Services Ltd. See their website to get up-to-date information on any supply issues affecting your area.

Emergencies can affect our supply of drinking water, this may be through either a complete lack of water available at the taps or the water may have become contaminated and is no longer safe to drink.

In the event of a water emergency all homes in the affected area will be notified with an information card through the door which tells them how the disruption will affect them. The card will explain if the water is cut off altogether or if special measures must be taken before the water is safe to continue using as an example the water may be safe to use for washing and flushing toilets but is not safe to drink without boiling it first.

You must follow the advice and guidance printed on this card but also tune into local radio and television for updated information and an estimate of when the problem will be fixed. Anglian Water will also put relevant information on their website to keep people informed.

Alternate water supplies

During any significant disruption to the water supply Anglian Water will arrange for alternate supplies to be distributed in your local area, this may be bowsers (small water tanks) dropped off in each street or in central community points e.g. village hall car parks. Bottled water will be delivered to schools, care / nursing homes and to individual homes where the occupants are less able bodied. 

Water Care register

Prior to an emergency affecting the water supply, elderly and less able bodied people can register with Anglian Water's "Water Care Register", people listed on the Water Care register will receive supplies of bottled water directly to their home during a water supply emergency.

To add your name or that of someone you feel might benefit from this service, please use the following link and click on Watercare Services.

Bogus callers

During any emergency which affects any of your homes basic utilities, there may be a need for individuals from the utilities companies to visit your home, make sure that you always request identification before allowing somebody into your home, if you are in any doubt about the individual then take the identification card, shut the door and check the details provided on the card

Genuine callers will carry an identity card with a photograph. They won't mind waiting if you want to phone and confirm their identity.