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Preparing for emergencies

How to be better prepared for emergencies

Being prepared

Emergencies can and do happen, anything from severe weather and flooding to large scale fires requiring the evacuation of local people. The danger posed to the public and the response needed will depend on the nature of the incident or emergency. However, there are some relatively simple and inexpensive measures you can take to minimise potential disruption and to improve your self reliance.

Tips for improving self-reliance:

Home emergency kit:

Car kit

Pets Prepared

If you have to evacuate from your home try to bring your pets with you, pets will be allowed in emergency rest centres however it may be better to identify a friend, relative or boarding kennel that would be willing to take in your pets in an emergency. Remember to listen in to local radio at the first warning of a potential emergency, get your pets indoors and make preparations ready to evacuate if needs be. You should be prepared to take the following items with you for your pets:

If you have to leave your pet behind when you evacuate then make sure to do the following

Further local advice is available from Lincolnshire Prepared.