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Temporary accommodation

Temporary Accommodation

If your application has not reached the stage at which a decision can be made, or a positive decision has been reached but no suitable settled accommodation identified by the time you must leave your property, we may have a duty to accommodate you on an interim basis if we believe you have a priority need.  This may mean a stay in bed and breakfast or hostel accommodation.

We cannot place families with children or pregnant women in bed and breakfast accommodation except in emergency and for no longer than 6 weeks.  Such families will be moved to self contained temporary accommodation as quickly as possible, depending on availability.  Women fleeing domestic violence may apply from a refuge, and remain there until re housed if appropriate.

If we have placed you in temporary accommodation but do not accept a duty to re-house you, you will be given a reasonable period of time to make alternative arrangements before we ask you to leave temporary accommodation, unless we believe you have accommodation you can return to immediately.