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What are all these bins outside my new home?

Outside of your new home you will find a number of coloured bins.

The silver bin is to be used for materials which can be recycled, this includes plastics, cans and tins, clothing and shoes, paper and cardboard, and glass for more information please click .  A green bin is optional, and is for collection of all your garden waste, and a black bin is there to catch pretty much everything else with a few exceptions. Please, for example, do not place car batteries, mobile phone batteries, computers, fluorescent tube lights, paint, or chemicals such as bleach, in your black bin.

Collections are every two weeks for each bin, however you will see bin men once every week, as silver bins are collected on a different rotation to black bins, they are not taken at the same time.

To read more about waste and recycling, click through to the Waste & Recycling section of this site. To check what day your bin collection date is, simply click through to our postcode bin collection date check facility in Waste and Recycling.