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Our Caretaking Service

Our commitment to you

We're dedicated to providing excellent services to our customers. To identify the most important issues and deal with them effectively, we use a three step approach – 'listening, learning and delivering'.


Taking your views into account


Being open and honest, and learning from things that go well and things that don't go so well


Innovating and making a difference

Objectives of the caretaking service

Our key objectives are to:

Our cleaning promise to you

Cleaning programme for communal areas of blocks of flats





All cleaning is carried out between 8am and 4pm. Signs will be placed in the work area when cleaning is taking place. Residents will be asked to remove anything that is in the way of the caretakers prior to cleaning.

Monitoring our service

We monitor our standards and objectives through:

Reporting to our customers

We produce an annual service report which is sent to all our tenants with an edition of Skyline Magazine.

Tell us how we're doing

We welcome your views on our services. Whether we're getting things right or wrong, everything you tell us helps us to improve the way we work.

You can contact us by letter, telephone, email, a personal visit to your local area housing office, or at any of our community events. You can also feed back to us through:

How to contact us

You can contact our neighbourhood services team on 01476 406373 or 01476 406084, email us at or complete an enquiry form.

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