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What do Parish and Town Councils do?

Parish and Town Councils have been in existence since 1894 and have a wide range of powers. There are 62 parish and 3 town councils (Bourne, Stamford and Market Deeping) in South Kesteven.

Parish and Town Councils

Most of the powers held by parish and town councils are discretionary, so they may do something, rather than they must do something. Parish and town councils have the right to ask for money from the District Council. This is known as the parish precept and is collected as part of the council tax for that area.

Parish and town councils listen to local opinion and act as a voice for local residents. The range of services and amenities they provide varies a great deal between parishes. They often help local voluntary organisations and have an important role in providing and improving local life.

Find out more about specific parish or town councils, access their websites and find contact details for parish clerks. 

Parish meetings

Parish meetings are not a council body; their powers are therefore limited. There are 12 parish meetings in South Kesteven.

Parish meetings:

For a full list plus contact details, please go to Parish Councils. 

Grantham Charter Trustees

The Charter Trustees are the district councillors who cover Wards in Grantham. They elect the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Grantham from within the group.

The Charter Trustees do not provide services; they continue civic tradition and promote civic pride. The Grantham Charter Trustees are funded by a precept for Grantham.

For contact details for the Grantham Charter Trustees, please go to Parish Councils.

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