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Assisted collections

Help for people unable to put their waste out for collection.

What is the assisted collection scheme?

We ask you to place your waste and recycling for collection at the edge of your property, nearest the roadside. However we realise that this can be difficult for some residents - the elderly, for example, and people with disabilities. Our assisted waste collection scheme is designed to help.

If you join the scheme we'll collect your waste and recycling from a point within your property boundary that we will agree with you. If you have wheelie bins, the collection staff will empty and return the bins to this point.

Who can get help with collections?

We can help if you cannot move your wheelie bin or waste bags to the roadside edge because:

We can also provide help if you need assisted collections for a short period, following an accident or operation or during pregnancy, for example.  

After you apply for assisted collections, an officer will make an appointment to visit you to assess your needs. You can be added to the assisted collection list once the officer has visited and confirmed you are eligible. 

How to apply

You can apply by telephoning or writing to us using the contact details on the left of this page.

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