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Special controls in conservation areas

Conservation area status does not prevent new development. It does mean that we will expect any development to keep or strengthen the character of the area, and that means good design and sympathetic adaptation and conversion of existing buildings.

New development

Planning applications for developments in conservation areas should give full details rather than an outline proposal. This way the full impact of the plans can be taken into account when we consider planning permission.


Conservation area consent is required for the total or substantial demolition of any unlisted building within the conservation area. Please talk to us first if you are considering demolishing any buildings in a conservation area.

*Please note: it is an offence to demolish any building within a conservation area without consent.


Under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 certain works are permitted without the need for planning approval and are known as permitted development.

More restrictions apply in conservation areas for extensions and alterations to houses and development on the land immediately surrounding the property, such as gardens and attached land.

As well as normal planning rules, the following actions need special planning approval if carried out in a conservation area:

Trees and advertisements in conservation areas 

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