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Waste and fly tipping

Fly tipping is an illegal dumping of waste. South Kesteven District Council will remove any items that have dumped/fly tipped on public land. The council will not remove items if they are on private land, this is the responsibility of the private landowner. However, if there is enough evidence we will prosecute fly tippers.

What should I do if I see someone fly-tipping?

If you wish to report an incident, try and gather as much information as possible including:

Enforcement officers will visit the site to take as gather as much evidence as possible. A legal case can then be submitted to our legal team for prosecution of the offenders who dumped the waste.

If the waste is on council land, an inspector will assess whether the items are safe to move and what equipment is needed prior to removal. In most circumstances items will be removed in three working days, however some items (for example, asbestos) require specialist companies and may take longer to action.

The Environment Agency is responsible for larger incidents of fly tipping, or where tipped waste is affecting watercourses, such as streams and rivers. The Environment Agency also issue waste management licenses for industry, including landfill sites. The Environment Agency website provides further information on waste management.

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